Peace Coffee

Peace Coffee's mission is to make exceptional-tasting, organic fair-trade coffee that sustains the livelihoods of the people who grow, roast, and sell it; preserves and protects the environment that produces it; and delights the taste buds of those who drink it.

We believe that exceptional-tasting coffee is the result of collaboration. We work with our partners from bean to brew to create outstanding coffees. 

We believe in supporting the communities that support us. We trade fairly, pay small-scale farmers industry-leading prices, and offer our staff competitive pay and supportive benefits. Peace Coffee was founded as a project of the Institute for Agriculture and Trade Policy and a portion of our profits support their programs fostering sustainable food, farm, and trade systems.

We believe in minimizing our impact on the planet. We buy only organic coffee and we place a high value on our producer-partners’ land stewardship. In our own operations, we strive to be as efficient and earth-friendly as possible.

We believe that companies should be open and honest about the way they do business. We regularly exchange information and share resources with our partners, from farmers to coffee drinkers. We offer diverse opportunities for people to see the faces, places and certifications behind their favorite brew.

We believe that organizations function best when they reflect more than one person or identity — much like coffee tastes best when it contains a complex array of flavors. We encourage all our employees to contribute their unique voices and styles to our operation, and we foster a workplace that is diverse, positive, respectful, and participatory.

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