Peace Coffee Racing is made up of racers of all ages and skill levels. We welcome beginners and experts alike. No snooty attitudes. No elitism. We cheer on our first-time racers as loudly as our expert champions.

Peace Coffee Racing is unique in that we are a racing team, not a cycling club. Members are required to race a certain number of events per year according to their discipline and skill level. That being said, we certainly also ride for fun. One of the main benefits of membership on PCR is knowing you can always find someone at your skill level to ride with, whether you're looking for a 75-mile sufferfest or a few laps at Lebanon Hills. (For most of us, the coffee was reason enough..)

We are run entirely by volunteers, so we ask that all of our teammates roll up their sleeves and pitch in wherever needed. See below for more info.


  1. Discounts from our sponsors. Discounts are tiered based on racing category and are listed on the back of your PCR membership card.
  2. Peace Coffee for podium finishes.
  3. Race Fee Reimbursement for qualified members.
  4. Access to the official team message board and email list.
  5. Team training rides and workouts.
  6. Race day support (food, water, team tent, etc.)
  7. Special members-only events throughout the year.


  1. Must be current on membership dues to receive benefits.
  2. Current team kit is to be worn at all races and all team training rides.
  3. Complete the minimum number of races required for your USAC/USAT category to be eligible for team party invitation and product give aways.
  4. Complete minimum amount of races AND volunteer hours for the team to be eligible for Race Fee Reimbursement and other special team benefits.
  5. Without exception, members must follow the team's code of conduct at all rides, races and events. Basically, follow the rules of the road and don't be a jerk.


Our membership renewals occur in the spring, but new members may join at anytime. However, our team clothing orders are placed early in the season, so depending on when you sign up there may not be a team kit immediately available. We will place a supplemental order when demand is high-enough.

To sign up, please fill out the PCR Membership form and someone from our leadership team will follow up with you.

PCR Membership
Please let us know your level of racing experience.
Please give us a summary of your recent race history. If you are just starting out, please let us know what your goals and expectations are.
Please let us know why you are interested in joining PCR and how you found out about us (saw us at a race, website, friend, etc).